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Effective Mediation From An Experienced Indiana Attorney

Mediation offers an effective method to resolve complex disputes without using traditional litigation. In mediation, each party and its attorney work with a neutral mediator to arrive at mutually satisfactory solutions.

If you are interested in mediating a dispute, Sworden Law Office, P.C., can represent you in your sessions. Founding attorney Adam Sworden has more than a decade of experience providing legal counsel to the individuals, business entities and government bodies of Indiana and Illinois. Having handled both litigation and mediation, he has the insight to advise you of your options in either.

What Benefits Does Mediation Offer?

Although litigation presents an opportunity to receive a decision from an impartial judge, it has its downsides. It is a very time-consuming, costly and public process. You have very little control over the final outcome. Compare this to civil mediation, which offers the following upsides:

  • Private
  • More control
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-effective

Mr. Sworden explores methods of alternative dispute resolution before resorting to litigation. As a result, he has a long track record of helping his clients arrive at positive solutions through mediation. There are few legal areas that cannot benefit from using mediation to resolve disputes, from business mediation to family law mediation to real estate dispute mediation.

Is Mediation For Me?

Some courts require mediation before they will allow a trial. Granted, this might not prove fruitful. Mediation works best when the parties are willing to cooperate and compromise on certain issues. Mr. Sworden is an effective communicator who is adept at conflict resolution. He advocates for your best interests tenaciously while facilitating positive relationships with the other parties as much as possible.

Learn More About Mediation From A Lawyer

To discuss whether mediation is the right option for you, please contact Sworden Law Office, P.C. To schedule an initial consultation, please call his Valparaiso law office at 219-200-1226 or send Mr. Sworden an email.